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Mold grows on every surface imaginable — porous materials like your drywall, concrete and would, within living organisms and in decaying organic matter. The Altadena Emergency Flood Team’s process of mold removal varies depending on the areas affected and the size of exposure.

After water damage, mold usually follows, especially if the damage occurred over a longer period of time. How do you know if you’re the victim of a mold infestation?

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Signs of Mold

  1. Allergic symptoms – If you’re having problems with allergies similar to hay fever, there’s a good chance mullahs grace on your home. The most common allergic symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, sore eyes and nasal congestion.If you notice the symptoms decrease in severity when leaving the home, it is especially likely that mole is the root of the problem.
  2. Smelling mold odors – when mold is growing hidden somewhere in your house, it is often accompanied by a dank smell. Even if you can’t see the mold, odors offers signs that the mold may be growing beneath the surface. Only a certified professional can locate the hidden source of mold odors.
  3. Seeing visible mold signs – You think this would be obvious. However, a lot of people don’t notice small amounts of mold growth and often confuse it for dirt. Even if your mold patch is small, you should take action as soon as possible. Small areas of mold growth can spread quickly and become a big problem. Visible molds might also mean a larger colony is growing beneath the surface. Some molds look white or thread-like. Other molds appear as clusters of small black spots or can be black, gray, green, brown or white. Often, mold growing beneath vinyl wallpaper can appear bright orange, purple or pink.

Toxic Symptoms of Prolonged Mold Exposure

So called mycotoxins from poisonous molds can create serious mental health problems for people beyond simple allergic symptoms caused by non-toxic mold. If you suffer from neurological ailments like headaches, shortened attention span, memory loss or dizziness, it may well be assigned a toxic mold is going somewhere in your Altadena property.

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The Altadena Emergency Flood Team Strategy

Lee is standard industry protocol to correctly assess, identify and make a plan of attack for your mold colonies. Part of this strategy includes isolating the mold from uncontaminated areas through HEPA approved vacuum sealing. You’ll immediately notice an improvement in air quality. We take a very serious approach to controlling mold and will do everything possible to limit its further affect on your family.

We use state-of-the-art disinfection technologies including 100% eco-friendly products that are approved by the EPA, FDA and OSHA to kill mold, germs, viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. All our infection protocols are approved for use in California and have recently been picked up by NASA and the Pentagon as healthy ways to deter the growth of unwanted contaminant.