Water Extraction, Drying and Restoration

…your help through the storm

When approaching water damage, the most important factor is time. The more quickly you respond to your water damage incident, the less damage your building structure and its contents will incur. When you’ve suffered a water loss, it is important to call professionals that are knowledgeable about water removal and emergency flood restoration. Only properly trained experts, like the technicians at Emergency Flood Team can evaluate the full extent of water damage and plan a course of action to get your home or business back to pre-loss condition quickly and effectively.

After 12 hours, many of the more serious consequences of water damage begin to take hold including mold and bacterial infection and permanent contents damage. That’s why the most important thing you can do after water damage is to call a professional right away.

The Altadena Emergency Flood Team is available 24/7 for your convenience and peace of mind. We’re only a phone call away. (626) 817-6659

Types of Water Damage

Altadena Emergency Flood Team is The most professional, reliable and efficient water damage restorers in Southern California. When you choose Altadena Emergency Flood team you can always expect:

  • Prompt Service – 60 Minute Response Times beat every other business in Altadena
  • Advanced Technology – No other restoration company offers you the latest technology with up-to-date eco-friendly drying methods and trained, company hired professionals.
  • Complete Documentation – Altadena water extraction experts use tools to monitor and document the recovery process so you’re in control of what services are performed and filing your insurance claim will be simple!

Not all water restoration job are the same, and that’s why we use a customized, individual plan of action to meet your commercial or residential needs! We will work with you to get things dry and back to pre-loss condition faster than the competition.

Emergency Flood Team Delivers

As your first choice for water damage in Altadena, we’re committed to:

  • Always arrive on time with trained and certified, company hired and fully insured technicians
  • Follow the IICRC s500 standards for correct water extraction
  • Use in-place drying methods to minimize cost and invasiveness
  • Treat your property carefully and exercise every opportunity to restore water-damaged property

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